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  • If astrology interests you, but you only know your star sign or have read an article or two on it, this short course will, I’m sure, open a new and exciting doorway into your horoscope for you.

    If you have gone as far as getting your horoscope (birth-chart) drawn up, but haven’t a clue on how to read it, then this course will give you more than the start you need.

    It will not only help you to become aware of this bigger picture but will do it in a way that eases you into grasping it with both hands.  

    Discovering who you are, through the lens of your astrological makeup is not only emancipating but is an adventure that can lead to opening doors to a much bigger understanding of life. Doing it for yourself is part of the adventure of self discovery.

Go Beyond Your Star Sign, starting today

PDF download available

Discover the difference between Pop and Proper Astrology

Popular (or pop) astrology is the version you’ll find in the media. The “stars” or “star signs” in newspapers, magazines and online. Proper astrology (or proper Western astrology to be more precise) is the ancient practice of astrology, used in the West, that astrologers can spend a long time studying to be proficient at.

There is a huge difference between the two versions. BeyondYourStarSign_PopandProperAstrologyArticle.pdf